Link Building is a Long Term Investment

Not many business investments turn profitable. But today, we’d like to show you how to turn your expenses to investments. With the right strategy and given time, is guaranteed to deliver a huge return on investment. Link Building!

So what’s so different about link building compared to any other business expense?

  • Well firstly, Link Building isn’t really an expense – it’s a long-term investment in your company that’s part of doing business. You’ll get much more back than what you invest!
  • Business owners often wrongly treat Link Building as an expense that needs to be minimized. Why minimize spending on a long-term investment that MUST be made to promote and project your business?
  • Just like you invest in training, equipment or patents that ultimately pay you back many times over, so too Link Building has the potential to not only save you money in the long term, but also to bring in money even in the short-term

If you have a long-term vision for building and developing your company and its brand, then look at Link Building as a continuous investment rather than an expense. But to get it right, your Link Building investment must be made wisely. And here’s how you can ensure you do that:

  • Choose a link building partner who has a proven track record of building consistent and steady links. For example, you’ll have better results building 1000 links over a 3-month period – perhaps 20-30 links a day – than you would building 300 links one day, then 500 the next and 50 the following day. Consistency pays big time!
  • Ensure your links are surrounded by content, including Blogs, Forums, Articles, Guest Posts etc.). Invest only in links with content.
  • Link building is a long term investment and should be kept alive for a reasonable period – 6 to 12 months – for them to start paying off. Most businesses take down their links within a matter of weeks – hardly enough time for your investment to start taking root!
  • Variety in links in vital for payback. Different links – some on pages with higher and lower PageRank, others on  pages with many or no outbound links, some from different websites and from different parts of the page – will attract greater return on your investment!
  • Avoid using the same anchor text repeatedly for your links. Not only does that cause your links to lose efficacy, but they may also be detrimental to your page rankings (courtesy of search engine BOTS, Spiders and Crawlers)!    
  • To be truly effective, ensure links are pointed to different pages on the website!

These may sound like common sense link building strategies, but it takes years of experience to know how to get them right. At we have been helping clients reap huge benefits from Link Building for a long time now. And our clients know first-hand that, when implemented correctly, investment in link building can pay you back over, and over….for a long time to come!

If you would like us to help you make a long-term investment in your Link Building strategy, simply contact us and we would be happy to assist you.