Keyword Research: A key to improving your site rankings

If you wish to do anything right, you need to research how to go about doing it – BEFORE you start doing it! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no different. And because SEO is all about keywords – be they shorttail, longtail, short-term, long-term, customer defining, product defining, geo-targeting, LSI or intent targeting, you need to back your keyword selection with a solid keyword research methodology.

proper keywords research is extremely important

1. Why proper keywords research is extremely important.

Let’s use a hypothetical example to illustrate why keyword research plays such an important role in SEO. A seller of Mobile homes would like to highlight his/her business online. Without giving it a second thought, they decide to feature “Mobile homes” and “Mobilehomes” in their SEO campaigns, because that’s what their business is all about – right?  Well, perhaps that isn’t such a great idea after all!

A little bit of research may reveal that searchers use broader terms when looking for mobile home experiences, such as “recreational vehicles” or “mobile campers”. Research may also highlight that most of their competitors too use those other keywords. In short, it’s true that anything to do with your company and your website relies on keywords. But everything that the competition does relies on them too.

Keyword research is about analyzing and determining a list of potential keywords and/or phrases that will underpin your entire SEO strategy. You use them:

  • In product, service and brand promotion
  • When targeting specific audiences for your products and services
  • To build your copywriting strategy
  • When making content, page and site optimization decisions
  • For determining how you craft your content, and where your writers need emphasis in terms, phrases and words
  • In building targeted advertisement strategies
  • When forming page and site ranking plans
  • During discussions around search and site traffic enhancement

However, you can’t just choose these words randomly – even if they sound “nice” or look “appealing”. Your choice of keywords must be data dependent. In other words, if the data supports the use of a keyword for one or all the strategies highlighted above, only then should you use it/them. And thorough and reliable research validates that data!

The bottom line: Using keywords without adequate research to support them can blow your SEO budget without delivering any tangible SEO results. In fact, improper keywords may even get you in trouble with search engines like Google and Bing!

proper keyword research is obligatory for online marketing

2. How can you use the list of keywords created from our research?

The use cases for well-researched keywords are as wide as they are important. The use of our keyword recommendations can go beyond just SEO. For instance, thanks to our in-depth keyword research: 

  1. You’ll have a clear idea about which keywords to promote with SEO campaigns. More importantly, you’ll understand which ones to ignore (or promote less vigorously!) and why
  2. Our keyword research is all about delivering value for money. Armed with our research findings, you’ll know which keywords, when promoted, will deliver you the best return on investment (ROI) – including enhanced traffic and increased sales
  3. Because content is King on the internet, we’ll deliver you the gems to place in your King’s crown. You’ll have a list of keywords ready to use for your content development plan
  4. Keyword promotion is all about luring traffic to your site – just like bait is for hard-to-catch fish. But now, armed with our research, you will know what keywords are the “tastiest” (which keywords provide the biggest number of clicks and sales)
  5. Our efforts cover more than just exact-match keywords. You’ll also get a list of long-tail keywords – those low hanging fruits that require minimal efforts to rank for
  6. And finally, you’ll have a precise understanding of what your potential customers are searching for, so you can use the keywords to give them what they want
keyword research process description

3. How will we perform keyword research for you?

We identify and recommend keywords based on our tried, tested and perfected proprietary research methodology.  Our approach is based on two components – Research and Analysis. The basic raw materials – i.e. data – for SEO comes from well-founded research. We look for and identify credible sources of data for keywords in client-specific niches. Armed with that data, we use various analytics tools to come up with specific and actionable keyword recommendations. We then work with our clients to ground SEO decision-making on focused analysis of that data. Over the years, we’ve identified a range of industry best practices that have served us – and our clients – exceptionally well:

  1. We first study your competitor’s organic keywords data to see what we are up against
  2. We also study your current organic keywords to create a baseline for further research
  3. Next, we use several top SEO tools to find all possible keywords variations
  4. Finally, we will review some additional online resources – like Q&A platforms, common Google questions queries etc. to conclude our research.
keywords list can be used in any sphere of online marketing

4. What will you receive as a result?

At the end of this exercise, you’ll receive a long list of keywords recommended for the promotion. In the list, we’ll also recommended which keywords to use first, based on your current SEO profile. We’ll also highlight keywords that are a good choice for a comprehensive content development plan.

But our proven keyword research service doesn’t just stop there. As part of the service, we provide two-way communication between your team and ours. As we journey with you on discovering which keywords are right for your unique SEO needs, you’ll also receive the benefit of seasoned SEO pros who know all about keyword research and keyword promotion strategies. With that knowledge in hand, you’ll be able to make many other data-driven, informed decisions about your website and your business. And that’s the value-add that few other keyword research strategists offer to their clients.

With so much at stake for not doing it, and with so much to gain from doing it, it makes sense to have a well-thought-out keyword research strategy. At Forum Link Building, we offer a comprehensive Keyword Research Service especially tailored to each client’s needs. Contact us to discuss the package that fits your budget and your goals

Get a list of keywords that will fit your online marketing strategy and can be used for SEO, content writing, on-site SEO optimisation, PPC and other marketing needs. In addition to the list you will also get an insight on your competitors keywords list and recommendations from our team!

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